Hey look, I have a blog!

“Hey, have you heard about that mom with a blog?” “Oh my gracious! What an incredibly unique idea!”

… Ok, ok, I know. Every mom thinks her children are fascinating and her life is chock full of moments that must. be. shared! I’ve thought for a while now that I might try to start a blog. I was catching up with my dear friend the DVR, watching a sappy moment on Parenthood about not waiting to do the things you want because your cancer may come back and kill you and, well, I was inspired to finally do it. I’ve never had cancer, but who knows? I could get hit by a bus, right?

So the decision was made. I bumbled around in a thesaurus trying to come up with something catchy and clever. Perhaps something that used alliteration (modern mama? meanest mommy? Mediocre mother?) or rhyming (Mama Llama? Another Mother?) or something bubbly (Yay Mothering! This Mama Rocks!) or regional (Western Washington Mother of Two, Who cares if you can’t pronounce Puyallup?). Of course, I wanted something memorable. Everything sounded either dorky or just had nothing to do with me. My kids don’t have a second mom, I don’t own a llama, no one has ever heard of Puyallup unless they live nearby, and I try not to be excessively mean… unless they deserve it.

I set down my laptop and I was looking around the room, hoping to land on something that was actually relevant to me or my family. My kids were just waking up from their naps, and I knew it was only a matter of time before my little beasts were running around like maniacs, demanding attention and food and (eyeroll) care. And I thought, “Time to get back to raising heathens.”


So that’s that. I have a blog, and it has a name.



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