Name Dropping

My boys are my primary motivation for starting a blog, and like any mom blogger, I want to be able to mention them. If I didn’t, the stories would make a lot less sense. I went back and forth over the decision to use their given names or use pseudonyms to respect their privacy. We have nicknames we use at home for them, but one is a pretty clear giveaway and the other doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the boys’ real names. We also use a string of silly or affectionate names: boo, beast, bug, lovey, sweetie, punk-ass, buddy, goober… you get the point. The ever-popular “boy” is probably the most used, to the point that my oldest went through a phase of giving that as his actual name when asked by other kids at the park.

Arguments on both sides are sensible. The internet is forever! What if they’re Googled for a job someday and up comes the story of the poop in the vent? Yes that’s a real one, but that’s another post entirely. Another blogger mentioned that she’d openly use her kids’ names out in public and thinks of it in the same way, albeit with a larger crowd nearby to hear. I do use their names. Often, because I have to call them as they’re tearing away from me to hunt for wonderful new and expensive things to destroy. But those people hearing me in person are unlikely to follow what’s happening in their lives and share their wacky antics with future employers, mean kids at school, or girlfriends.

For me, the clincher is that I intend to use their most funny moments to give strangers a laugh. A significant portion of those moments will likely be embarrassing to them when they’re older, so they will probably not want some of those gems to be quite so clearly linked to them.

At least for now, I’ll have to come up with some aliases. Then again, if I’m a hit and a wildly successful blogger and become¬†famous, they’re screwed.


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