What Happened in Vegas… was a Little Bit Illegal.

In early 2011, my husband, Bear, and I took Dash (then 5 1/2 months old) along on a trip to Arizona for a family wedding. It happened that the closest airport was in Vegas. On our way back, we carpooled with a van full of my siblings and left with a little extra wiggle room before our flight so that we could enjoy a short stop in Sin City before heading to the airport. Bear hadn’t seen anything but the airport before, and despite his lack of interest I wanted him to see the inside of a casino at least once and have a meal at one of the elaborate Vegas buffets.

While we were there, we thought we’d take advantage of the photo op…



… and they were not pleased with us. We set him down at one of the slots and he even reached for the handle as I captured the moment. However, before he had a chance to try to pull it, a security guard came running over at top speed and yelling at us to stop. We were a surprised by the response, but I figured he must have thought we were letting him actually gamble, which was silly. I wouldn’t waste my money on that in case we hit a jackpot we couldn’t claim!

“Oh, no don’t worry,” I reasoned, “We didn’t put any money in. We just wanted to take a funny picture.”

He looked at me as if I wasn’t fit to be responsible for a goldfish and said, “Children under 21 have to stay on the path, or we’ll have to escort you out.”

Then he pointed to the walkway only about two feet away from where Dash sat. Sure enough, a part of the carpet along the walkway in the center of the room that was done in a different pattern, delineating the space where we were allowed to stand while holding a baby. He watched as we stepped over to the path and then left us with an admonishment that we wouldn’t get another warning.

So the lesson here, to other excellent parents like us, is that you should make sure you act fast if you’re going to bring your baby to a casino for a photo shoot.



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