My Baby is a Manipulative Punk

Ozzie is still getting the hang of the idea of using a spoon to eat. He has the capability, but the patience is much harder to master. It was the same way with Dash, so I’m guessing this is a thing many babies go through. They hit a stage where they pick up a piece of food with their fingers, then set it onto the spoon, and attempt to eat it. About half the time the food falls off the spoon before reaching their mouth. Since Dash did this, I’m sure it will eventually lead to normal spoon use with Ozzie as well.

With gooey things like yogurt or mashed sweet potatoes, he does better at scooping with the spoon, but still seems to feel like that method is for use at the beginning, while you still have patience. Once that wears off, fistfuls of goo are grabbed and shoved at his face, with some making it into his mouth, and whatever’s left on the hands is then run through his hair.

Some small part of me, despite knowing that babies are just messy, cant help but think this crap is on purpose. See, just like Dash, Ozzie loves bath time. I mean, he loves bath time. And he tends to get a good hand-washing and face wipe-down after every meal, but if it’s in his hair? that’s an automatic trip to the bath my friend, every time. He doesn’t rub dry foods through his hair. Why bother? There’s no bath needed if mom can just tousle those crumbs right off his head. So. My baby is an evil genius. Ok, so not “evil” per se, since conning me into giving him more baths per day than he probably really needs isn’t exactly torturing small animals and shanking babies in the sandbox. But still.

Then when I give in to his little bath time manipulations, and I think I just want to glare at him and splash his face and teach that little beast to try to like baths!… (even though I can’t, because he’d cry if I glared at him and then he’d win cause I’d feel guilty), well, then he grabs my hand and makes a game of giving each of my fingertips a kiss, then hugs my hand to his face and says “aw, mama!” and melts all my grumpyness.

He’s very calculating.


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