DIY Toddler Straight Jacket

Dash was playing with one of my hooded sweatshirts; he put his arms in the sleeves, the hood over his head, and zipped it up.

He looked a bit like a monk, and of course, he was thrilled to report, “It fits!” The sleeves hung nearly to the floor, and I realized they could easily wrap around his waist with room to be tied.


*Lightbulb Moment!*

This is no monk’s robe. This is a Straight Jacket. Yesss!


Wouldn’t this come in handy the next time Mommy wants to take a quick bathroom break, so I don’t find that half of the pantry has been dumped all over the kitchen floor? Heck, it’d ensure they don’t trash the place, I could even go out for a drink! What about when I’m out  with the kids in public, and one or both starts acting up? Simply taking off my hoody to restrain my wild heathens would be such a convenience! Would it be worth feeling a little chilly? Why yes, it would. I am going to throw a buckle on those sleeves so the knots wont come loose, and market the shit out of this multipurpose garment. If I add a d-ring to the back, I could even hang them on a coat rack for easy storage. What a great way to be green and repurpose old jackets that would’ve gone to the thrift store! I’m going to make a million bucks off of this fantastic idea!




*Before I have a dozen internet strangers calling CPS, Calm down. I will not actually be putting my children in straight jackets when I want them to behave, and especially I will not restrain them and abandon them while I go out, you silly bananas.


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