Too much Housework? CinderFellas Can Help!


Dash is in a phase where he changes his clothes approximately twelve thousand times daily. He puts something on, then decides he’s gotta be naked, and I find a trail of tee shirts and tiny socks and undies. Then he realizes he would rather be clothed again, and he empties half his dresser to find just the right shirt, pants, underwear, whatever. Lather, rinse, repeat. And repeat, and repeat, ad nauseum. I find myself wandering through the house picking up articles of clothes and trying to determine their cleanliness, in an effort to avoid laundering his entire wardrobe every single day. We have enough clothes that are actually dirty, we don’t need to wash more just for funsies. The problem with this is that he feels the need to change his underwear more than anything, and it’s impossible to tell if this is one of the pairs he’s worn for a few hours or for less than a minute… except by smell. And sniffing someone else’s undies is gross. Yeah they’re my kids, and I get that all of the gross stuff is part and parcel of the having kids deal, but ew. I’m trying to come up with ideas to make this a less common part of my life, because being a panty-sniffer just isn’t my thing.

The boys are already fascinated by the chores I do around the house, and I am happy to let them screw it all up help, even if it takes twice as long.


It works out to them feeling content because they’re playing a game, and I (eventually) get some stuff done. Win-win. I also hope that seeing the process of doing laundry will make him more responsible about clothing use. I know the odds are stacked rather high against that with a three year old and a one year old, but a mom can dream, right?


Ozzie mostly just watches and plays with the buttons on the washer, but sometimes he will toss a sock or two into the machine.


To encourage Dash to keep clean and dirty clothes separate, I am especially focusing on him helping me gather the clothes around the house and sorting them into loads. It’s a bit like an easter egg hunt, without the basket full of candy, little toys, and stickers.

But what kid doesn’t prefer freshly laundered clothes to all of that?



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