Daddy’s Missing Hair

Dash was curled up in Bear’s lap, just asking him about silly things. He reached up and ran his little hands over his Dad’s stubbly head. Bear’s hair is thinning and he’s decided to go gracefully, so he shaves his head. However, his face is a different matter. He has a nice, big, well-kept beard.

Dash said, “Dad? Why is all the hair up here gone? Why don’t you have hair up here?”

Bear smiled, and said, “Why do you think?”

Dash brought his hands down and started finger-combing Bear’s beard, and said, “Is it because you have hair here? You can’t have hair up here,” he patted his head, “because you have hair here.” He patted his dad’s cheeks. He had a satisfied look on his face, I guess because he’d found his perfectly reasonable answer.

After all, everyone only gets so much hair, right?


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